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As a company we believe in building long lasting client partnerships which help us all grow. To learn more about how our tailor made marketing solutions can help your business flourish.


- Finding your audience
- User experience
- Positioning
Every project big or small starts with brainstorming and strategic thinking. This is where we map and lay the foundation for the entire project.


- Logo design
- Brand guides
- Advertising designs
Branding is not marketing but that does not make it any less important. This is where we build the visual identity and engrain in your customers a specific thought about your business.


- Website SEO
- Google ads & analytics
- Social media ads & analytics
Your brand needs to be seen. This is where we implement organic and paid tactics to get your brand and message out.

Digital and management

- Website design
- Social media management
Items like a website are the start of your digital footprint. It is the place your customers will find you online. Other tactics to spread your brand is having social media platforms spreading your message and giving customers a in depth look at who you are giving them a more personalized experience.


- Professional photography
- Commercial videography
- Content editing
Photography, videography, etc are all important aspects to creating branded material that properly identify what you are all about. Examples would look like updated headshots or an “about us” video.

NFT Projects

- NFT Design
- NFT Minting
- NFT Marketing
Cryptocurrency and NFT is a new field with limitless possibilities. The most important part of this is you can now get ahead of the curve of your competitors but simply utilizing this platform. Let us take you step by step, even if you are not well versed in the topic.

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Our Process

Client Meeting

We meet and learn about your business, your purpose in creating visual content and set goals for your project

Conduct Research

We hit the books, scour the internet, interview professionals and more to learn about the industry. we also learn as much as we can about your competitors. this way we can give you the best, most unique design solution possible.

Sketch out ideas

We create different concepts and sketch out as many ideas as possible, choosing the ones that suit your needs the most.

Create variations of concepts

We take our concepts and flesh them out. Here we create variations of each concept to suit multiple platforms and keep a consistent story across the channels

Present concepts for feedback

We present these concepts to you, and explain the rationale behind each concept and why they would be successful. You then provide us with your feedback and what you feel resonates best with your needs.
We execute the necessary revisions to develop the
concept into a full-fledged set of designs. We follow up with a second round of revisions to finalize the product.

Deliver and launch

Once everything is approved, we send all the files to you in various formats (each suited for specific platforms.) Now you roll out your new marketing campaign with amazing designs to really turn heads.

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We are a team of experts with extensive experience in design, photography, film, content creation and marketing.
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About EVO

EVO is a leading provider of branding and marketing services to businesses in all fields. With a team of experts boasting extensive experience, we are well placed to help our clients grow and thrive - even in challenging times. By really getting to know our customers, our talented team are able to offer unique and customized solutions backed by data driven analysis and broad research.

As a company we believe in building long lasting client partnerships which help us all grow. To learn more about how our tailor made marketing solutions can help your business flourish.

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